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Sunil K. Narayanankutty, Ph.D

    Other Responsibilities
1 Former Controller of Examinations
2 Former member, Syndicate, CUSAT
3 Former member, Senate, CUSAT,
4 Former member, Staff Council, CUSAT.
5 Member, Academic council, CUSAT
6 Chairman, Committee for scrutiny of patent applications, CUSAT
7 Coordinator, PURSE (DST)
8 Member Editorial Board, Annual Report
9 Business Advisory Committee, Rubber Skill Development Council, Govt.of India
10 Member, Executive Committe, IUCIPRS.
11 Member, Advisory committee, Centre for Science in Society
12 Member, BOS, Fathima Matha College, Kollam. 
13 Member, Academic Council,  St. Teresa’s college, Ernakulam
14 Member, CAT monitoring committee, CUSAT
15 Member, committee for framing modalities for AICTE Examination Reforms in TEQUIP III Institutions.
16 Member, Committee for inspection of recognized institutions of CUSAT
17 Member, Committee for Selection of Chancellors Chair in the campus.
18 Member, Doctoral Committee, IIIT-M, Kerala
19 Member, Doctoral Committee, IIST, Trivandrum
20 Member, Doctoral Committee, NIIST, Trivandrum
21 Member, Doctoral Committee, NPOL, Trikkakara
22 Member, evaluation committee for funding of Research Intensive Departments
23 Member, evaluation committee for Seed Money to new teachers
24 Member, Expert Committee of UGC for evaluation of ongoing Major Projects
25 Member, Faculty of Technology, CUSAT
26 Member, Grievance redressal cell for settling complaints related to Common Admission Test.
27 Former Member, International Relations Group, Govt. of Kerala.
28 Member, IQAC core committee
29 Member, KIIFB Coordination Committee. 
30 Member, Library Advisory Committee
31 Member, M V Pylee Award Committee.
32 Member, Monitoring committee for Virtual Centres. 
33 Member, Panel of experts, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt.of India
34 Member, Research Advisory Committee, CUSAT
35 Member, Scrutiny committee to monitor the effective implementation of the Erudite – ‘Scholars-in- residence Programme’ .
36 Member, Selection committee for recruitment of Professors, CUSAT
37 Member, Special Committee to monitor and speed up the procedures related to collaboration proposals. (CUSAT)
38 Member, Technical Committee for Boat, constituted by Surface Water Transport Department, Govt.of Kerala.
39 Member, Technical Committee for purchase of equipment for purchase of equipment under KIIIFB
40 Member, University Level Implementation and Monitoring Committee for e- Governance.